Okay, But What Do You Do? is an aggregated space that celebrates women doing amazing things. The concept is simple: interview women from all walks of life and different fields to unravel the mystery of how they spend their days. The objective is equally simple: create an accessible platform where anyone looking for inspiration, encouragement, and boldness in life and work can find it in our interviews and how-to’s.

The idea for the project popped into Audrey Elkus’s mind as she was starting her own professional path. With increasing frustration, she realized that job titles were vague and never seemed to share a full picture of what the jobs actually entailed. She wished someone would just ask people “okay, but what do you do?” before quickly realizing she could be the one asking that question! 

Team OBWDYD wants to instill freshness and clarity to finding a job so that we can all take a more informed and confident step into our future. We hope you’ll take that step forward with us! 



Audrey Elkus

Audrey Elkus is the co-founder of TAIT Design Co., an independent product design studio in Detroit, a senior at Wellesley College, and endlessly curious about the way people spend their days.

Stemming from a life-long fascination with the idea of a job, she started sending cold emails to women she admired most to see if they would be willing to share their stories. As positive responses rolled in, she shared what she was doing with several friends. Together, they decided to create a blog and a platform to ask questions, learn from experts, and share those lessons with anyone else who wanted to know.

 Co-founder + managing editor

Co-founder + managing editor

Eleonora Saravalle

Eleonora Saravalle grew up in Milan, Italy, and after attending ten schools throughout her life, she’s set to graduate from Brown University in December 2017. Raised by two parents who’ve always had more than one job at any time, Nora went through a childhood phase of asking anyone who'd answer about their careers. She is thrilled to join OBWDYD and return to these curious roots!



Madeline Warshaw 

Madeline Warshaw is a senior at Wellesley College originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is inspired by people who follow careers inspired by love: love of learning, love of design, love of people. She believes doing what you love always makes the world better, whether it be by one bagel or tech innovation at a time. She is so excited to help bring OBWDYD to life!



Zoe Minikes

Zoe Minikes is an artist and designer living with a small orange cat in Detroit, Michigan. She believes deeply in friendship and food and centers much of her practice around these two things. Items often to be found in her hands include a pen, a wooden spoon, a beekeeping tool, a hammer, a jar of sourdough starter, a glass of water (she stays hydrated). Items often to be found on her feet include hiking boots, ballet shoes, woolen socks, sparkly nail polish, bike pedals, and soil (she walks barefoot a lot). We are thrilled she illustrated our homepage ladies! 


Natalie Bolton

Natalie Bolton is a senior at Rice University studying bioengineering and pursuing a career in the medical devices industry. She is a lover of yoga, roasted vegetables, hiking, and exploring, and is currently considering applying to medical school. We feel so lucky that our logo is her hand lettering! 

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