How To: Balance Work and Life


Last week we spoke to lawyer Lisa Callif, who is not just a successful entertainment lawyer, but is also a mother. With so much on her plate, it’s hard not to be impressed. We couldn’t help but ask her how she does it all because there’s nothing better than learning from the pros, right? So here are her top three practical tips for how to balance work and life.

1. Avoid Multitasking.
Sometimes it might feel impossible to focus only on one thing, but splitting your attention between multiple tasks doesn’t always yield the best results. Lisa Callif, in fact, suggests that when you’re trying to strike equilibrium between work and life you “Take one thing at a time.”

2. Be Committed.
For the best results, be fully present in whatever role you’re assuming at that moment. Learning to be fully committed to one of your roles makes a difference. Callif notes: “There’s such value in being able to compartmentalize. Being a mom when I’m with my kids, and being a lawyer when I’m a work. I’ve found that I’m the worst at both when I’m trying to do them at the same time.”

3. It’s Ok to Get Help!
But most of all? “Accept help as much as possible. That was a hard thing for me because I felt I needed to be involved in every aspect of my kids’ lives to be a good mom.  One good example is that I would not let go of making my kids’ lunches everyday. One day when I was complaining about all of the things I had to do at night, one of my friends finally said to me, ‘Girl, have the babysitter make the lunches.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know what they’re going to put in there, and what if they don’t make the sandwich right and what if my kids starve because their lunch isn’t perfect?” and she said, ‘Relax, you can teach the babysitter how your kids like their PB&J, they’ll be fine.’  I haven’t made lunch for them in like two years, and surprisingly, they’re fine! Moral of the story is pick what’s important and do those things, but if you’re fortunate enough to have others around who can help, let them."

Wow, pairing motherhood with a career is still incredibly impressive, but we hope it feels a little more doable thanks to these insider tips. Thank you so much, Lisa! Readers, come back next week to learn about a woman who owns her own boutique fitness studio.