How To: Brand Your Business


Sana Javeri Kadri from last week’s interview is a woman with great taste (pun intended). Her company Diaspora Co.’s turmeric is the best in the business, and their beautiful packaging and branding is a sight to behold itself! Last week she told us all about the product, but this week we wanted to know about the way they present it. If you’re ready to spice up your company’s branding (couldn't resist), take a second to read on.

1. Tell your story. “I believe very deeply that the world and customers are eager for complex, deeper, genuine and exciting branding. I really don’t believe in the concept of flattening your narrative, your origin story, or your mission in order to achieve a ‘more marketable/palatable’ brand.”

2. Don’t limit yourself. While it depends on what your product is and the story you’re trying to tell, don’t feel the need to make it too simple. Sana recommends that you “go all the way with your branding, and make sure it’s 100% everything you want it to be.”

3. Consider hiring a professional. The way your product looks is immensely important to your marketing strategy. In today’s world, there’s a million options for everything, so it’s important that yours stands out in some way. You can browse sites like Behance or Dribble to find a designer whose style you like, or if you’re into Diaspora Co.’s packaging as much as we are, you could hire their “graphic designer extraordinaire” Sophie Peoples!  

Thanks very much, Sana! Readers, you can see more about Diaspora Co. here if you’re interested. When you’re done drafting up new designs and ideas, come back next week to learn about the life of a popular LA makeup artist. (Photo provided by Sana Javeri Kadri)