How To: Craft A Great Elevator Pitch


Audrey Gelman from last week’s interview went through several rounds of successful funding to bring The Wing to life. Explaining quickly and getting to the point of what you’re doing is a crucial way to gain support in any endeavor, so we asked her about the process she used to write hers. Below, she shares The Wing’s elevator pitch and 4 tips on how to successfully craft your own, supplemented by our thoughts on why each point is important.

The Wing’s pitch: The Wing provides women a space to advance their personal pursuits and build community together, alongside amenities like showers, meeting rooms, phone booths, a lactation room and a cafe.

1. Start with where you have the idea. The Wing was born out of a frustration of there not being a place for women to just be themselves. It’s important for your original and central idea to come across in a pitch because that’s what inspired you and so, it is a genuine starting point.

2. Tell a story. From there, develop a clear, short message that explains exactly who you are and what you want to do.

3. Present how your idea solves a problem. Make sure to convey how your idea tackles and fixes an existing issue. This will not only strengthen your pitch but it will also convince people you’re onto something.

4....And then how your idea can grow into a movement. The more traction your idea has, the better. The more lives your idea will impact, the more likely it will galvanize others to joining you and helping you along the way.

Thanks so much, Audrey! Readers, after you’re done applying to join The Wing (WE FEEL YOU…look at that rooftop! :)), come back next week to hear about what it’s like to be a TV writer! (Photos provided by The Wing)